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Van Gogh Best Paintings under new perspective

9 octobre 2010 Laisser un commentaire

Following  you will find some awesome photomanipulations based on some of Van Gogh’s most moving and powerful paintings. Nothing in any of these paintings been added or removed or had its proportions changed. The effect is achieved simply by manipulating the light in the scene and adjusting the areas of the image that are more and less in focus, as you will see. This is the « tilt-shift perspective distortion » effect. (1)

Une véritbale réinterprétation photographique des toiles de Van Gogh
Une véritable relecture photographique des toiles de Van Gogh en utilisant une technique de « décalage de la lentille » qui a pour effet de rétrécir la profondeur de champ de façon dramatique. Et cette technique donne des effets vraiment surprenants. Nous vous présentons ci-dessous les plus intéressantes de ces photos retravaillées. (1)


Vincent van Gogh The Harvest, 1888 (detail)



Vincent van Gogh Starry Night Over the Rhone, 1888 (detail)





Vincent van Gogh Sunset: Wheat Fields Near Arles, 1888 (detail)





Vincent van Gogh Landscape at Auvers after the Rain, 1890 (detail)





Vincent van Gogh Pont de Langlois, 1888 (detail)



Vincent van Gogh The Red Vineyard, 1888 (detail)



Vincent van Gogh Red Chestnuts in the Public Park at Arles, 1889 (detail)



Vincent van Gogh Prisoners Exercising, 1890 (detail)


(1) All images were created for in Photoshop by Serena Malyon, a 3rd-year student at art school. In most cases original art images were obtained from Wikimedia Commons or from The Athenaeum image archive.


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