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Des photos témoins d’une époque

20 mai 2011 1 commentaire

Chacune des photos ci-dessous nous rappelle immanquablement une époque malheureusement (ou heureusement, c’est selon) révolue !

Le fumeur enragé

La fille en BMX

Jouer au cowboy

Le Che

Le Klu Klux Klan

Coup d’État au Chili

Guerre de religions en Irlande

Le Tour de France

JFK et sa fille

Les essais nucléaires dans les îles du Pacifique

L’astronaute russe


La belle et le triporteur


Le pétrole et la plage

Le Sud des États Unis

Victime de la route

La chaleur des villes (USA)

Le regard blessé

(1) Merci à Franck pour avoir porté à mon attention ces photos

Souce: (site argentin)


30 Moving Photos – The multiple faces of poverty

23 octobre 2010 7 commentaires

Of the 5.7 billion people on the planet, as estimated 1.3 billion live in poverty.

The faces of poverty are many. They are one in every five. The majority of them are the faces of women – those women who « hold up half the sky », according to the old Chinese proverb – and without whom victory in the fight against poverty cannot be achieved.

In addition, there are the faces of children, youth, the disabled and the elderly; of indigenous peoples, of migrants and of refugees – those whom « progress » has pushed to the periphery. Collectively called the disadvantaged or marginalized, they are the people who must be the primary focus of all serious efforts at the eradication of poverty.

Poverty also appears in many forms: as endemic mass poverty in the poorest and least developed countries; as pockets of poverty amidst wealth in even the most affluent countries; as sudden impoverish- ment due to natural or man-made disasters; as temporary poverty resulting from job layoffs; or as the persistent, long-term poverty of the marginalized who perform menial work for little or no pay. Whatever its manifestation, the social exclusion which accompanies poverty constitutes both a violation of human dignity and a threat to life itself.

20 Ways You Can Help Abolish Poverty in the World

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A humanist, poetic, gifted photographer

11 octobre 2010 1 commentaire

LJ.: The magician of portraits on FlikR

Iconic images are rare, especially in the mundane world of photojournalism. They must be beautifully and concisely composed. They must impart something unique to a subject we care about, or make us care enough to look more closely at the stories they tell (for if nobody wants to see or hear what you’re trying to tell them, it really doesn’t matter how good the pictures are). And they must be memorable. But when they happen their intense simplicity compresses a host of ideas and emotions in a single frame, making complexity seem transparent…

Lee J. excels at this skill and what results is a breathtaking tour-de-force of photographic insight focusing on the complex reality of the human condition. Whether depicting the magic and innocence of childhood, the pain and anguish of life on the streets, the inevitability of an old age that awaits us all, or the passion and drive of the athlete, all are honestly presented with deep understanding, dignity, compassion and respect.

Click on each image for full size viewing











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Stunning Photography of Vietnam

7 octobre 2010 Laisser un commentaire

People and culture of Vietnam.

Photographer David Terrazas from Madrid (Spain) demonstrates a remarkable understanding of light and shadow in this stunning photo gallery that reveals the people and culture of Vietnam.

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All photos owned by David Terrazas (under Creative Common Licence)

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